Adjudication Representation – I always enjoy winning a bet!

I always enjoy winning a bet!

A curtain walling subcontractor brought an adjudication against one of my main contractor clients, claiming £725K (in respect of the value of variations). I bet £20 with Andrew (the Project Director from my client) that we wouldn’t have to pay them a penny! … After a very hard-fought Adjudication, the curtain walling subcontractor lost badly, with the Adjudicator deciding that not only did my client owe nothing, but the subcontractor had to pay my client £148k! i.e. the result was £873k worse than the subcontractor hoped for! … plus they had also to pay for their adjudication representation and deal with the Adjudicator’s bill!

Thanks for paying up Andrew, I’m getting this photo framed and putting it on my office wall!

(For more information on adjudication, please see our article on “A Brief Guide to UK Construction Adjudication”)

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